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Posts from November 2017

Christmas! Wow, it’s a busy time. Well it’s definitely on it’s way! 
I went for my first shopping trip yesterday. The Christmas music was on in the shops, the car parks were full, and I came home exhausted!! I think sometimes we need to stop and think about the meaning of Christmas and what Christmas means to our families and friends.  
We all lead extremely busy lives and Christmas can sometimes add that additional pressure that we really could do without. All the rushing around, working, making sure the kids are where they need to be, planning and preparing food, decorating the house, buying gifts, trying to make yourself look presentable! – it’s not easy.  
Try and make it easy on yourself, this is what I try to do! 
1. Plan! I am a huge ‘plan in advance’ sort of person. Lists for everything – that doesn’t mean that everything on the list always gets done, but I try. I find it helps to have things written down so a can check off once completed or scrub off if I run out of time or energy! 
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