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Christmas! Wow, it’s a busy time. Well it’s definitely on it’s way! 
I went for my first shopping trip yesterday. The Christmas music was on in the shops, the car parks were full, and I came home exhausted!! I think sometimes we need to stop and think about the meaning of Christmas and what Christmas means to our families and friends.  
We all lead extremely busy lives and Christmas can sometimes add that additional pressure that we really could do without. All the rushing around, working, making sure the kids are where they need to be, planning and preparing food, decorating the house, buying gifts, trying to make yourself look presentable! – it’s not easy.  
Try and make it easy on yourself, this is what I try to do! 
1. Plan! I am a huge ‘plan in advance’ sort of person. Lists for everything – that doesn’t mean that everything on the list always gets done, but I try. I find it helps to have things written down so a can check off once completed or scrub off if I run out of time or energy! 
2. Give back to local businesses! I always try to do as much of my shopping all year round as locally as possible, as I think it is soooo important to support our local businesses. This Christmas I will be doing the same, and I hope you will too, try and support your market place, pop along to a craft/gift fair, go and order your turkey from your butchers, take a look at all your local shops and I am sure you will find lots of lovely and quite out unique gifts. So much more enjoyable than a busy high street! 
3. Give yourself a break! We all want to make Christmas perfect for our families but sometimes less is more. Instead of feeling like you need to do a million jobs at once, take a deep breath and just enjoy the family time together. Christmas is about being together not all the other stuff that comes along with it. 
4. Remember to have fun! I love Christmas, always have, I have amazing memories as a child of our family Christmas’, it was the one time of year where we were all together. The board games were always out and the Christmas music on. This is usually, for most families, the only time of year where everyone gets together – enjoy it!! 
5. Family and Friendship! I am known in our family as the ‘host’. We always have at least one big family gathering at Christmas and usually several smaller ones. I love to have family and friends to our home where we always have lots of fun together. Life is all too busy and often we don’t get enough time to give to others. I’m lucky enough to have a fabulous group of girl friends who when we are together always enjoy catching up, laughing about times past and making new memories together. 
6. Remembering those who are no longer with us! When loved ones, for whatever reason are not around anymore it is hard for those who are left behind, not just at Christmas, but all year round. However, Christmas is a particularly hard time. I, myself have been affected by this as are many of my family and friends. Take time out to remember those loved ones and to give comfort to those who find Christmas a difficult time. 
Sending you all lots of Christmas joy and happiness. 
Claire x 
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